The Botanical Collection | Christmas Gift Guide

It’s no secret that Tasmania’s pristine environment inspires many of our creations, and our latest collection is no exception. The Botanical Collection is inspired by the bloom of spring, with all its fresh and vibrant hues. It comprises a ring, earrings and necklace pendant available in settings of 9-carat yellow, rose and white gold, paired with the highest quality Citrine, Peridot, Amethyst, and London Blue topaz stones. Each item can also be made to order in 18-carat gold upon request. The Botanical Collection is the ideal Christmas gift for the elegant women in your life, with a range of colours to suit a multitude of tastes.   



The vibrant golden citrine is paired with yellow gold, creating a warm effect. Citrine is known for its bright, joyful connotations and is forged naturally in rocks such as granite as a result of intense heat.  This design is inspired by those bright spring days which breathe hopefulness and motivation into your life, and the promise of the summer to come.    




Peridot, a lesser known beauty, is set in yellow gold to create a subtle, fresh glow reminiscent of the dappled sunshine as it filters through Tasmania’s abundant foliage on a warm spring day.  Historically, peridot is a symbol of abundance and prosperity, said to attract love and light into one’s life when placed near the heart. It is created naturally by intense volcanic heat and holds a place in Hawaiian folklore, where it can be found awash on the shore. It is said to be a deeply cleansing and spiritual stone that helps to focus the mind.




The deep, regal purple amethyst sits in a setting of rose gold. This combination contrasts well against any skin tone, with a blush effect inspired by the radiant hues of the setting sun. Amethyst is widely recognised throughout the histories of many cultures as a representation of luxury, sobriety and harmony. The stone is said to have spiritually protective qualities, allowing the wearer to rid themselves of stress and instead attract positive communication.



London Blue Topaz

London Blue Topaz combined with white gold is a pure, iridescent combination inspired by Tasmania’s many rivulets and rivers as the crisp mountaintop snow melts and turns to pure, shimmering water.  The deep, steely blue of this stone symbolically holds calming properties linked with realisation.



These pieces are ideal for bringing a splash of colour into your palette and compliment our Furneaux Collection.

Each piece can be purchased easily online in the lead up to Christmas, with returns available for your convenience should the ring need to be resized.