The Claudia DIF

If you could give someone you love the absolute best quality diamond set into a one of the world’s most precious metals, you would, right?

At Claudia Jewellers we have created the Claudia DIF… This ring is pure excellence and has been created specifically for the customer that values quality and flawless perfection.

It is every girls dream to be able to wear an engagement ring that is truly special and it is every man’s wish that he gets it absolutely right. After all, the engagement celebrates the timelessness of eternal love. What better way than to be able to show the purity of love than with an engagement ring from the DIF Collection.

What makes a Claudia DIF engagement ring the perfect choice?

Our Claudia DIF rings use D colour Internally Flawless diamonds. D, IF is the most transparent and perfect of diamonds — no visible flaws at 10-power magnification and no discernible body colour — and because of those qualities, it represents the very pinnacle of the diamond pyramid.

Only 1% of diamonds are given the grading of D,IF by the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America).

Your DIF engagement ring will come with a GIA certificate. The GIA report represents the highest standard of reliability, consistency and integrity in the industry. You will also receive a valuation for insurance purposes and the Claudia Jewellers diamond guarantee*.

We have selected classic engagement ring styles that capture the intensity and beauty of the D, Internally Flawless diamond. Each design is set into platinum, one of the rarest metals on earth…

The Solitaire

The Solitaire means just that. A ring with a single diamond set in 4 claws.

The Halo

A halo ring has a centre stone surrounded by smaller stones. The term “halo” is used because the centre stone looks like it has a halo.

Each of our ring designs can be modified to suit your needs.

How do you get started?

Book an appointment at our private consultation suite where you can sit down and talk through the process with one of our team in privacy. Our staff are highly qualified and experts in design and gemmology.

Only 1% of diamonds are given the grading of D,IF by the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) and this is what makes the DIF ring the perfect ring