The Claudia Experience

Claudia Jewellers’ philosophy is based around a genuine pledge to make our customers feel special and two promises that underpin the way we operate; exemplary service and quality workmanship.

Exemplary service

We understand that purchasing jewellery is a personal and sometimes overwhelming experience, we strive to make our customers feel confident they are receiving the best service and workmanship possible, and not just when making a purchase. After we a purchase we welcome customers back to have their pieces cleaned and checked over where required.

Quality Workmanship

We also recognise our customers are savvy and want to be informed of the latest trends and designs. We pride ourselves on being able to offer an individualised service from staff with a passion for jewellery. We continually keep abreast of new developments in the jewellery industry as well as having expert knowledge in the design and creation of individual pieces.

Where to now?

To find out more about what we offer at Claudia Jewellers, please see our website pages; The Claudia DIF, gold engagement rings, white gold engagement rings, rose gold engagement rings, sapphire engagement rings, eternity rings, men’s wedding rings, Furneaux Collection, unique designs, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, Kailis Pearls or Peter W Beck.

Alternatively, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly or visit us in our Hobart, Tasmania store.

'Clasp my love around your neck, wear my heart on your finger. My soul will be your pendant: I live to adorn you - You're the precious one'. - Grey Livingston, Genuine Adoration.