Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I shop at Claudia Jewellers?

Claudia Jewellers is a locally owned business that takes pride in not only creating beautiful jewellery but also providing all the service and care needed in keeping jewellery in optimum condition. With a highly trained team of experts, we cover just about everything from simple repairs to designing and creating your dream jewellery.


What sort of jewellery do you sell?

Claudia Jewellers stocks a large range of precious and semi-precious jewellery. As designers and manufacturers of fine jewellery, most of what you see in our store and online is made by us. We have captivated the hearts of many of our local clients with our Furneaux Collection and Nothofagus Collection.

Also, many of our pieces are unique meaning that you will be the owner of an exclusive piece of jewellery, not to be worn by anyone else. In addition, we stock a range of jewellery from the Danish luxury jewellery company, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, Australian Kailis Pearls and Daniel Bentley Silver jewellery.


Do you make engagement rings?

Absolutely! Scott’s understanding of gemstones and diamonds, along with his experience of sourcing from all over the world and his design skills make him the perfect fit if you are looking to buy an engagement ring.


Can you remodel or restore my old jewellery?

Yes. We find so much joy in working with a customer’s treasure box of bits and pieces. Fiona, our talented designer works wonders with existing jewellery. Together, in a step by step process, she can create hand drawings to help you decide on your final design. You can combine several pieces of jewellery to create one amazing piece or you can design several pieces. We can supply you with any additional gemstones you might need or you can just use what you have.


Do you charge a design fee?

Whether designing a new piece of jewellery or remodelling existing jewellery, there is no charge to work with us to work through the initial design phase.


What is your warranty on jewellery?

We have a manufacturing guarantee of 1 year from the date of purchase. Our warranty covers all materials and workmanship under normal wearing conditions. We also offer a free customer care service for the lifetime of your jewellery. You can drop into our store with your jewellery at any time where it can be checked for signs of wear by one of our team. View our full terms and conditions.


Do you clean and repair jewellery?

We offer a free cleaning service on your jewellery items. Anytime you come past, please drop in so we can clean and check your jewellery and keep it sparkling and in mint condition. If you do have jewellery that needs repairing, we offer a full workshop assessment and quote. All work is carried out in our workshop by our talented, and caring qualified jeweller.


Can I give someone a gift voucher?

A gift voucher is the perfect way to let someone know you want them to have something special from Claudia Jewellers. We often find small groups of friends will put an amount of money in to buy one gift voucher. It’s your choice as to how much you wish to spend and it’s a great way of giving something very special to a friend or work colleague. Each voucher comes in a beautifully gift-wrapped box.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. If you fall in love with a special piece from Claudia Jewellers or you would like to have something custom made, we offer ZipMoney. It’s as simple as downloading the app and applying for the amount you need.

Do I need to have my jewellery valued?

A professional valuation is an important safeguard if your jewellery is lost, stolen or damaged. It can provide proof of ownership in the happy event that the jewellery is recovered. Insurance companies are unlikely to provide full compensation for an expensive piece of jewellery unless you can prove its true value. A valuation can also give you a comprehensive description of the item, which is invaluable if you decide to have the item remade. All our custom made pieces come with a valuation and we also offer this as a service for existing jewellery purchased elsewhere.


How often should valuations be updated?

It is important to have your jewellery reassessed every two or three years to ensure the valuation is current. Prices can fluctuate and insurance companies may request up-to-date information. The revaluation also notes any wear and tear and ensures you are not paying excessive premiums if prices decrease.


What exactly is white gold?

White gold has a pure gold content (which is yellow) and is alloyed with white metals to create white gold. Some commercial-grade white gold can still have a yellow tinge. We use platinum and palladium to alloy our white gold which is denser and more durable than commercial white gold.


Is white gold plated?

Yes. White gold can be plated with a white metal called rhodium. The appearance of rhodium is like that of platinum and it leaves your white gold bright and white.


How often will I need to get my jewellery re-plated?

As an average, rhodium plating lasts between 6 and 12 months before showing signs of wearing away (signified by slight grey shading). The anniversary of your engagement, wedding or birthday is a great time to get your white gold pieces checked and rhodium plated to keep them looking in optimum condition. We offer the first rhodium plating free on any white gold item purchased from us.


Should I get my ring made in platinum or white gold?

This is a great question and one of the most frequently asked when creating engagement and wedding rings. 18 carat white gold is a very hard metal due to its alloys comprising of platinum and palladium and it looks stunning, but it does require rhodium plating on average once per year.
Platinum, on the other hand, is a premium metal for engagement rings and wedding rings. It is a very dense and pure metal which takes longer to manufacture with and attain a high polish, however, it will absorb daily bumps and knocks as well as staying nicely polished.
White gold is certainly a more affordable choice, however over a lifetime of regular rhodium plating sessions, platinum really pays for itself.