Gold Engagement Rings

Claudia Jewellers specialise in creating unique gold engagement rings to symbolise your timeless and unique love.

Gold engagement rings are always beautiful and the options are just about endless when it comes to desinging your ring. We’ve listed some possible options you may have in mind below.

Gold engagement ring inspiration

To assist you with some inspiration designing or purchasing a gold engagement ring, possible options could include, but are not limited to;

  • A precious gemstone set in a gold engagement ring band,
  • A traditional solitaire engagement ring set with round brilliant cut diamond,
  • A classic three stone brilliant cut setting, or;
  • A cushion cut diamond set in a halo.

We have an extensive range of gold engagement ring designs in store to help guide you through the many options available.

Or, if you are feeling creative, we have a very experienced and friendly team to help you design a ring which is extra special and unique; an engagement ring that truly comes from your heart.

Where to now?

We invite you to visit us in store to view our extensive range of gold engagement ring designs. If you are feeling creative, contact us to arrange a private consultation with one of our friendly and experienced designers.

Alternatively, please view our gallery or learn more about our range of unique engagement rings The Claudia DIF, white engagement rings, rose gold engagement rings and sapphire engagement rings.

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'Rich and rare were the gems she wore, and a bright gold ring on her hand she bore'. - Thomas Moore.