Kailis Jewellery

At Claudia Jewellers we feel very privileged to stock the beautiful Kailis Jewellery.

The Kailis story begins in the remote north west of Australia in 1978. Michael Kailis CBE and Dr Patricia Kailis AM OBE pioneered pearl farming in Roebuck Bay in Broome where their success encouraged Dr. Kailis to take her passion for pearl jewellery to the women of the world.

Now, Kailis is synonymous with the most sought-after Australian South Sea pearls, each so naturally beautiful they require no treatment of any kind. Every pearl that bears the Kailis brand mark is hand-selected based on five natural virtues of lustre, shape, size, colour and surface quality.

Where to now?

To find out more about Kailis Jewellery, please see their website. Or alternatively, contact Claudia Jewellers directly. We are only more than welcome to discuss any questions or queries you may have about Kailis Jewellery.

'Pearls have a unique beauty, glow and feel. They represent love, virtue and beauty' - Dr Patricia Kailis