Peridot Earrings



Peridot Earrings

The Botanical Peridot Earrings are crafted in 9ct yellow gold featuring a 6mm peridot stone, 18ct gold is available upon request. The earrings compliment the Botanical Peridot Pendant and Ring.

Botanical Collection

The Botanical Collection is inspired by the vibrant hues of Tasmanian botanicals. Peridot, a lesser known beauty, is set in yellow gold to create a subtle, fresh glow reminiscent of the dappled sunshine as it filters through Tasmania’s abundant foliage on a warm spring day.  Historically, peridot is a symbol of abundance and prosperity, said to attract love and light into ones life when placed near the heart. It is created naturally by intense volcanic heat and holds a place in Hawaiian folklore, where it can be found awash on the shore. It is said to be a deeply cleansing and spiritual stone, said to help focus the mind.


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