Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Claudia Jewellers, located in Hobart, Tasmania specialise in creating rose gold engagement rings, and engagement rings in general.

More recently, we have seen a surge in the popularity of rose gold engagement rings in Australia and in Tasmania (at Claudia Jewellers!). This influence has likely come from Europe, where rose gold is enjoying a contemporary renaissance in engagement rings.

Rose gold exudes warmth and is a kind colour against our skin tones. The ‘rose’ in the gold comes from the amount of copper content in the alloy, this gives the gold its pink hue.

Rose gold engagement ring inspiration

To assist you with some inspiration designing a rose gold engagement ring, possible options that you may have in mind, could include, but are not limited to;

  • Matched with a striking coloured gemstone,
  • Teamed with pink tourmalines and diamonds,
  • Against other metals such as white gold, yellow gold or platinum, or;
  • A rose gold engagement ring matched with a white gold wedding band.
Where to now?

Rose gold engagement rings can be so many things; unique, vintage, classic… the list goes on! Either option you take, we are confident the result will be stunning. Please feel free to browse some of our alternative engagement ring options like; The Claudia DIF, gold engagement rings, white gold engagement rings and sapphire engagement rings.

For a service that is personal and listens to you, we welcome you contact us at Claudia Jewellers.

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'Clasp my love around your neck, wear my heart on your finger. My soul will be your pendant: I live to adorn you - You're the precious one'. - Grey Livingston, Genuine Adoration.