White Gold Engagement Rings

Claudia Jewellers, located in Hobart, Tasmania specialise in creating white gold engagement rings, and engagement rings in general.

If you were to work with Claudia Jewellers to create your white gold engagement ring, we will help you create the perfect engagement ring, so to remain a symbol of eternal love.

White gold engagement rings continue to prove to be extremely popular for many couples. This is likely due to white gold being such a versatile metal colour which can be suited to any look, from evening glamour to everyday chic casual.

White gold engagement ring inspiration

To assist you with some inspiration designing or purchasing a white gold engagement ring, possible options that you may have in mind, could include, but are not limited to;

  • Traditional 18 carat white gold solitaire,
  • Princess cut diamond in 18 carat white gold, or;
  • Coloured precious and semi-precious stones with your white gold engagement ring band (think gemstones, sapphire, blue, pink, green, yellow and many more colours!).
Where to now?

As we have said above, white gold engagement rings are stunning, and a beautiful way to show the love of your life how much you love them. However, please feel free to browse some of our alternative engagement ring options like; The Claudia DIF, gold engagement rings, rose gold engagement rings and sapphire engagement rings.

For a service that is personal and listens to you, we welcome you contact us at Claudia Jewellers.

Alternatively, please view our range of unique engagement rings…

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'She is mine own, and I as rich in having such a jewel. As twenty seas, if all their sand were pearl, the water nectar, and the rocks pure gold'. - William Shakespeare.